Product : Acxxel 3D printer E10
1. Integration structure
2. Rapid Installation with 10 mins
3. Lower Noise and higher precision
4. Unique belt adjustment design
5. Every model goes through test
Model E10 XY Axis Position Precision 0.012mm
Color green Z Axis Position Precision 0.004mm
Structure Aluminum frame Printable Filaments ABS, PLA, HIPS
Nozzle 1 Filament Diameter(mm) 1.75
Printable Size 220*270*300mm Recommended Filament PLA
Printing Resolution ±0.1-0.15mm Language English
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm  Data Input Format STL, OBJ, JPG
Online/Offline Printing both Data Output Format Gco, Gcode
LCD Display LCD12864 Moulding Support Automatically YES
Movement Speed 10~300mm/s Printer Size 405*440*495mm
Printing Speed 40-120mm/s Net Weight 8.0Kg
Nozzle Size 0.4mm Packing Size 510*450*215mm
Extruder Temperature(MAX) 250℃ Gross Weight 9.5Kg
Hotbed Temperature(MAX) 100 C Power Supply 220V/110V  300W
Hotbed Material Aluminum PCB OS Windows,MAC
Printing Software Cura Working Condition Temp:10-40 C,Humidity:20-50%

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